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Introduction of a Rock Typing Methodology in Crystalline

Introduction of a Rock Typing Methodology in Crystalline Basement Reservoirs (Yemen)* Jan Steckhan 1 and Roman Sauer 1 Search and Discovery Article #40524 (2010) Posted April 26, 2010 *Adapted from extended abstract prepared for presentation at AAPG International Conference and Exhibition, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 15-18, 2009 1Hydrocarbon Source Rock Generative Potential of the ,This study is the first investigation which provides information regarding the organic geochemical and petrographic characteristics of Miocene Salif organic-rich shales from Tihama Basin in the An Integrated Study of Basement Rocks in the Bayoot Field ,(3) Dove Energy Yemen Ltd, Sana'a, Yemen An integrated study of high resolution borehole images, petrophysical logs, production data, 3-D seismic, sidewall cores and cuttings was undertaken on basement rocks from six deviated wells located in the Say’un-Masila Basin, Yemen

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The Basement rocks of Yemen represent the southern extension of the Arabian Shield Fig(2), is of Paleoproterozoic to Neoproterozoic age In Yemen has identified five terranes, which can be correlated with the eastern margin of the Arabian Shield in Saudi Arabia and with northern SomaliaMorphometric Analysis of Abdan Basin, Almahfid Basement ,To achieve the morphometric analysis of Abdan basin, Survey of Yemen Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Board (YGSMRB) topomaps in 1:100000 scales are procured and the boundary line has been Age of Feiran basement rocks, Sinai: implications for late ,basement, where gneisses are principally exposed in three areas (Fig 1): (1) Sinai, typified by the area drained by Wadi Feiran; (2) Central Eastern Desert typified by the rocks of Meatiq Dome; and (3) SE Desert, one representative of which is the gneissic terrane surrounding Gebels Migif and Hafafit


The basement rocks in the Eastern Desert extend as a belt parallel to the Red Sea coast for a distance of about 800 km between latitudes 22º 00΄ 00˝ and 28º 40΄ 00˝ NGEOLOGY AND STRUCTURE OF THE PRECAMBRIAN ROCKS IN,orogenesis The Basement complex is made up of Precambrian rocks and these rocks consist of the schist belt infolded in them The Precambrian rocks in the study area are part of the Precambrian Basement complex of Nigeria which is made up of the migmatite-gneiss complex, thePhotogeological and geophysical studies on the Basement ,The basement rocks comprise igneous and metamorphic rocks The different types of rocks were studied photogeologically and checked in the field radiometrically and magnetically from the air to differentiate between these rock types and to delineate the contacts between them

Basin analysis study of block 10 in the Say'un-Masilah

This Fig 3 Location of study area and the selected wells Arab J Geosci (2012) 5:529–543 533 Table 1 shows the names, total depth, and elevations of the selected In this paper, the history of vertical tectonic motions wells of the basement rocks in block 10 is quantified using Well name Well symbols Total depth (m) Elevation above airy (1D Sedimentary basins of Yemen: their tectonic development ,The Precambrain basement metamorphic and igneous rocks of Yemen represent the southeastern part of the Arabian–Nubian shield Early reconnaissance works on the basement rocks of Yemen include Lamare , Little , and von Wissmann et al The lithostratigraphic subdivision of the Proterozoic ,The general geology of Yemen including the basement rocks of Yemen were first described by Little (1925), Lamare (1936), von Wissmann (1932), von Wissmann et al (1942), and Geukens (1960, 1966) Greenwood and Bleackley (1967) described and subdivided the basement rocks in the central part of eastern Aden Their geological

Hydrogeology and aquifer simulation of the basement rocks

The study area is situated in the central northern part of Nigeria, which experiences a typical semiarid climate The aquifer consists of weathered and fractured basement rocks…Geology and Radioactivity of the Basement Rocks of Wadi El ,The study area is covered by basement and sedimentary rocks The basement rocks are represented by paragneiss, orthogneiss and younger granites, while the sedimentary succession is represented by clastic Paleozoic rocks The younger granites are microscopically distinguished into monzogranite andEvaluation of Old Netim Basement Rocks (South-Eastern ,southeastern basement complex of Nigeria The present paper therefore focuses on the basement rocks of Old Netim area in the southeastern part of the Oban massif and summarizes the strength characteristics and raw material potentials of the deposits, especially in relation to the use of the basement rocks for civil construction aggregates

African Countries with Hydrocarbon finds in Basement

A Comprehensive Brief on Producing and Promising Countries (Through the whole World) with Hydrocarbon finds in Basement Reservoirs Rocks First of all, IMorphometric Analysis of Abdan Basin, Almahfid Basement ,Morphometric Analysis of Abdan Basin, Almahfid Basement Rock, Yemen: using Remote Sensing and GIS To achieve the morphometric analysis of Abdan basin, Survey of Yemen Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Board (YGSMRB) topomaps in 1:100000 scales are procured and the boundary line has been extracted by joining the ridge pointsSpectral analyses of basement rocks in El - SpringerLink,In this study, the principal component analyses (PCA) of the five ASTER thermal bands are applied for the first time to discriminate the basement rocks in the study area The method effectively discriminates between three granitic varieties forming the El-Sibai-Abu El Tiyur intrusion

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In recent years, Yemen has been engulfed in civil war, violence, and intrusion by religious militants and outside governments (see the complimentary article, Yemen: The Issues) Put this dark, unfortunate image aside, however, and Yemen is a jewel of history and nature on the Arabian PeninsulaCHAPTER ONE 10 11 Statement of the Problem,Basement Complex rocks and schistose rocks, respectively Combined with the climatic conditions, these soil types typically support mostly cereals farming and animal grazing, which is the main occupation of the natives of the area studied 15 Literature Review The Basement Complex rocks in the study area have received very little attention fromHydrochemical and Isotopic Characteristics of the Basement ,The geological context of the study area Figure 1) was elaborated from the (geological map of Niéré at 1/500,000 [1] The formations of the Precambrian basement identified in Chad, of which the Ouaddaï massif forms part, covers between 15% and 20% of the territory of the country [2] The formations encountered are granitoids, metamorphic rocks

The Hydrogeology of crystalline basement aquifers in Africa

Note: Citations are based on reference standards However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be appliedThickness variation of the sedimentary cover in the South ,on the top of the basement rock are less than 5 mgal So, we can say that main influence on the Bouguer anomaly map is basement rocks and all sedimentary cover have less effect on Bouguer anomaly map; it can appear very clearly on the gravity map of sedimentary rock (Fig 5) The analysis of the gravity lineaments in the study areaHydrology of Yemen - Yemenwater,Hydrology of Yemen Dr Abdulla Noaman • Yemen is located on the south of the Arabian Peninsula, between latitude 12 and 20 north and longitude 41 and 54east, with a total area estimated at 555000 km2 excluding the Empty rocks; quaternary alluvial deposits Highlands slopes

Magnetically inferred basement structure in central Saudi

the character and structure of Precambrian rocks exposed in the western part of the study area in order to provide control for our interpretation of magnetic data elsewhere in the compilation area; to describe the new compilation, drawing atten- tion to some of the principal magnetic anomaliesNatural radioactivity in basement rocks and stream ,The present study examines the natural radioactivity in basements rocks including granites and associated dikes besides stream sediments in Sharm El Sheikh area Two main rock units are concerned; granites pertaining to Younger Granites ofDelineation of the subsurface structures and basement ,mafic and ultramafic igneous rocks exhibit a greater varia-tion and are useful in exploring the bedrock geology con-cealed below cover formations (Mekonnen, 2004) The main objectives of this study are to delineate the trends of the subsurface structures, to determine the depth to the basement surface, and to study the groundwater po-

Hydrology of Yemen - Yemenwater

Hydrology of Yemen Dr Abdulla Noaman Global Precipitation The world pattern of precipitation shows large annual totals in the tropics (2,400 millimetres [mm] and more), in the mid-latitudes and where there are high mountain ranges (Jones, 1997)Environmental issues in Yemen - Wikipedia,Yemen (the republic of Yemen), one of the poorest developing countries in the Middle East, located between Oman and Saudi Arabia and bordered the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Red Sea Yemen is encountering severe environmental issues in two aspects, water and landNatural Radioactivity Measurements of Basalt Rocks in Aden ,4 Physics department, Faculty of Science and Education-Sabir, Aden University, Yemen Abstract: The amounts of radioactivity in the igneous rocks have been investigated; 63 basalt rock samples were collected from Aden governorate, south of Yemen The activity concentration of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K were measured using NaI (TI) detector

Natural Radioactivity of Building Rocks in quarries South

Natural Radioactivity of Building Rocks in quarries South-west part of Yemen iosrjournalsorg 78 | Page 32 Preparation samples Totally of 40 samples of building materials were collected from 11 quarries from 3 different governorates in Yemen(table,31and Fig31)The hydrogeology of crystalline basement aquifers in Africa,sedimentary intercalations Additionally, recent volcanic rocks occur mainly in upland areas where any weathering products tend to be rapidly eroded Basement aquifers of significant extent in tropical regions occur in sub-Saharan Africa (Fig 1), South Asia, South America and AustraliaHydrochemical and Isotopic Characteristics of the Basement ,The geological formations encountered in the study area are mainly granitoids, schists, migmatites and volcano-sedimentary formations (basalts and alluvium) covering the crystalline basement Two regions were sampled to conduct this work, the Am Zoer region and the Guereda-Iriba region

Magnetically inferred basement structure in central Saudi

A compilation of magnetic data acquired during the past three decades for a region in central Saudi Arabia where Precambrian basement is partly exposed on the Arabian shield and partly concealed by overlying Phanerozoic strata, shows a central sector of conspicuous N-S-trending anomalies, a Yemen Irrigation Improvement Project Hydrological analysis ,Irrigation Improvement Project Hydrological Analysis vii ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Hydrology, in common with other environmental disciplines, depends on the historical acquisition of data This is especially true in this study where we have attempted to build aGravity Experiment in Oman for Exposing a Basin,Gravity Experiment in Oman for Exposing a Basin Mubarik Ali1, Qais Azan Al Bahri2, Abdulrehman Al Harthy2 1Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Bahria University, Karachi Campus 2Department of Earth Sciences, Sultan Qaboos Uiniversity, Oman Abstract - for highlighting the potential of gravity method in

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Baseline Study of The Geology of and Mineral Resources in South Sinai 1 Introduction predominantly found in the western part of South Sinai in sedimentary rocks South Sinai is characterized manly by Turquoise, Uranium, Copper, and SodaGEOELECTRICAL INVESTIGATION OF AN EXISTING DAM,is located within basement complex of Nigeria (Figure-1)5 It lies entirely within the basement rocks in the Western part of Central Nigeria bounded by longitudes 4° 39'52" to 4° 40'0"E and latitudes 8° 27'5" to 8° 28'5"N The study site is easily accessible through a moderately wide,

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